Dang! Day Two. Did I really not hear that?

The darker entrance corridor is where we pass.

Two colleagues head towards me. Though the lights are out there’s just enough sunlight to see each other. We keep to the left side walls. Like priestesses taking offerings to an altar, they hold their coffee mugs ahead.

“Hi. Ladies” I say at the social distance at which its polite so to do.

Now adjacent to each other, they more forward striding of the two is closer to me.

She says nothing.

Says nothing?

The shorter colleague to speechless’s left side, speechless’s subordinate, is a step behind and says,

“Hi David, how’s it going?”

“Fine thanks,” I say, approaching the sliding glass doors.

I look back, wondering what I didn’t hear.


After Birth

All day we hear snippets.
Snippets which when pieced together make snese, though more often than not, not.
I hear snippets and wonder where they come from. Sometimes they condense from the ether, in the way air kisses stir the atmosphere, and in doing so fertilise the imagination.
The writing of policy is not fantasy, the surrounding office atmosphere is.

Can it be that what I am hearing is of this world?
I’m journeying into this ‘other world’, like written cartoons, to see what happens when I pull on the thread of these miscellaneous conversations. My guess is something will unravel.
so here goes……

K spent the night in labour but didn’t give birth. Her gf did @ 38 weeks as a right arm [above the elbow] amputee caused by an infected syringe. She had been told never too inject in that arm again after a gangrenous hole had developed earlier weakening the tissue. “Someone” injected her in that arm, resulting in the amputation surgery.

Her gaoled bf said he would” ‘kill da baaasted’ if a he ever found who it was wot dun dis.”
K thought it was a joke that she didn’t give birth in her dream, perhaps it was referred pain from her sore lower back.
Though she recalls pushing down [ thumbs opposed and fingers in cantaloupe curvature ] at her diaphragm and feeling a head,
“Damn a breech presentation” I remarked.
“No worries” she replied, ” It’s all good, it was armless”

{ readers are advised to not over think this }