Sounds like a new Eco friendly form of transport combining the convenience of the car with the supercilious green aura of riding with strangers to avoid trampling the planet with our dreaded carbon feet prints.

Then again could it be a dieting fad promoting the chocolate alternative carob, carabuse? Whoops unintended malapropism.

It’s neither. Skimming the papers I came across an article about the settling of a long case where a paraplegic had been found guilty of sexual abuse.
“Que? ” I thought, ” What’s the story here?”
Turns out that a heavily set guy had pinned his helper against a wall with his electric wheel chair and had his way with her with his fingers.
My mind turned to the erotic possibilities, then churned over how traumatic this must have been. Do you report it, who is going to believe you, aren’t the disabled allowed to be sexual? There’s a way we are groomed to think, a pc way which in this case says that the para can’t be at fault, the helper must be complicit.
It gets better, the guilty party had been convicted on this charge on the evidence of a brave woman who had informed her employer and was not believed. A colleague of her’s had been digitally raped by the same person, not reported it. When they did thy uncovered a litany of other reports about the same guy, none prosecuted.
So why is this? I’m wondering how can this be that such serial abuse is un exposed. We’re doing the clergy now. Who’d have thought so even twenty years ago.
Every dog has it’s day.
The abuse of carers lies there waiting.
Carer Abuse, or carabuse is on it’s way.