She makes the Team

Its easy enough to let the small things slide by.

The little nuances that aren’t picked up everyday, that don’t hit you in the side of the head and stun you, the little things which sorta of pass by.

The kids chatter about trying out for floorball. Floorball?. Timbi has already displayed some talent for the sport and made the national team. The skill transfer from hockey has assisted, talent does the rest. So when his younger sister Elisa tries out for the team he’s been coaching for a few months, its more for a hit and giggle, not a real serious engagement.

“So why not try out for the Women’s Aussie team to play in Czech Repulic in December?” he says to her. Has he seen some talent in her that’s just not that obvious to others or maybe its just his sis?

“Don’t be so silly, I’d never get in and besides that it costs $50 just to register to try out in Canberra, plus the airfare.”

“Well at least register, you never know they might accept you.”

I get to hear of this and send the $50 to Timbi who promptly announces to Elisa,

“Hey, I’ll sponsor you to go and pay your registration, you can stay with Celina down there for the time of the training camp.”

So she enrols and gets accepted. Its four days of drills sorting wheat from chaff and deciding who might make a team with talent enough to represent Australia.

Elisa’s skills at floorball “Suck ” she says. Too much hockey influence but amendable. Skills in agility are superb, as is her stamina, fitting for a marathon runner, but its the explosive skills from standing that is outstanding.

Nothing gets heard for a time. The trail goes cold until one fateful morning I’m driving to work at 07:10 when the phone rings.

“Hey pop pop, you read your email yet? I got into the Aussie squad!”

I catch the steering wheel just in time to avoid wiggle woggling down the road.

“You made the team? Wow! I’ll read the email as soon as I get into work in fifteen minutes or so, Congratulations !”

“Into the Ausralian Team, how about that ” I muse to myself. I can’t wipe the smile from my face as I drive into the brightening morning.

In the office the email of 7:07 says it all. So much excitement packed, bursting to get out in those three anticipatory minutes.

It’s the best fifty bucks I’ve ever spent.