Start at 10 am … And They’re Racing

8 April 2020  was a big day in media racing.

The three contenders were in the barriers waiting to jump at 10 am.

George Pell got off to a great start

The 10 am unanimous decision of the High Court of Australia made it clear within 7 minutes he’d be freed.

Wuhan Virus with a nice training run in the morning had been forced to the rails with interminable pastoral drone shots of a rural prison in the paddocks at Barwon Geelong. Breathlessly tracking the comings and goings out of the prison gates sucked all the direction from Wuahn Virus’s run.

With nothing going from the sky eyes, the summary judgment was intoned in the background. Indignation abounded. Although this was a pronouncement about justice from the highest court in the land it might as well been a tweet from @highcourtofaustralia, for all the respect it received. All sorts of folk in various state of Skype undress pontificated and hardworking journalists wrung empathetic hands for the victims. Perhaps we should decide the law by the number of likes a judgment receives.

Then sneaking up on the inside Bernie Sanders withdrew, urging Jumpin’, Joe Biden, ahead. Though changing horse midstream is frowned upon, this placed Jumpin’ Joe equal second with Wuhan. A super long-range telephoto lens caught sight of the bespectacled Archbishop being escorted into a convent an hour or two later, kept the senior clergyman in front for the rest of the day. My guess is all he wanted was a nice cuppa and scones.

As the sun rose the next day,  Archbishop Pell was to be found in a Homebush seminary seeking a peaceful retirement.

Wuhan Virus regained the lead from Bernie’s suspended campaign which was euthanased and postmortemed.








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