Wuhan Anzac Day 2020

We all been prepped. Anzac Day won’t be like usual this year, the year of Wuhan Virus. Its gonna be kinda DIY*. At best your own candle out the front of your joint perhaps tuned to the tranny** to hear the Last Post sound for a minute’s silence.

The catafalque*** honour guards twirl their guns around in circular motion stopping for a second at every ninety-degree angle adding somehow to the pageantry while risking blowing off their feet.

Wreaths are laid, amongst them all, Albanese looks dignified,  solitary and sorta lonely. Maybe lonely for all of us.

And then in keeping with the non-religious secular mood of the moment, we have Scotty’s Blurb It’s his moment to draw the nation together, as the Governor-General has just done.

It starts well enough. However, the ceremony’s non-religious cant is shattered as he utters,

.”……..on Ngunnawal land, in our nation’s capital  …..”

Secular religion seeps into the soil.

References to three serving folk sound like the endorsements for a product topped only by the reference to his pa. Its Advertising 101 from tutor S Morrison ex Advertising.

I cringe.

This is Anzac Day, Wuhan Virus Style




Scotty’s chat

* DIY – Do It Yourself

**Tranny – transistor radio

***Catafalque – What the heck is that?


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