The Geezer in the Library

Well its not me.

It could well be though.

Sat in the corner, in a comfortable vinyl lounge chair, well disinfected for a covid safe environment the video streams the intrigues of the Victorian IBAC enquiry into the alleged corruption at Casey Council. Michael Tovey QC, counsel assisting rather than a Queen’s Counsel, might better be  described the Quintessential Cook, his onion peeling is exquisite.

The reflected glare of the witness’s computor screens  in his glasses is a muted blueish tinged hue, when mixed with his increasingly reddening complexion merges purple at his glasses frames. 

The questioning goes round and round, in a diminishing spiral.

“I don’t recall,” inevitably becomes the mantra as the core of the question is revealed.

“I’ve no idea,” another mea culpa.

The commissioner occasionally refers back to counsel assisting to temper his frustration.

None of this was expected when created to see the disinfecting light of day. The lies are tangled and the commissioner seeks to relieve the witness of his embarrassment with a ten minute comfort break.

Rising, from vinyl seclusion, I stretch my legs and wander across the room.

I glance across as I pass an old codger at a public computor screen

Gawd I’m flabbergasted and can’t get back to the IBAC.

He’s got a full screen of male dick pics up on the screen!


Complex Maths

Rame was from the subcontinent, unsure tho if he had been the issue of miscegenation.

He travelled widely as a young man, and professionally met with mathematicians in his esoteric field.

Like the brilliant Srinivasa Ramanujan of Cambridge, he competed widely in his chosen field.

His work at the University of Edinburgh was not well understood. It involved complex String Theory.

He was awarded many honours.

He regarded his greatest accolade, being made Chief of the Clan, MacRame.

Trump demise – the Reality of Unreality

While sliding into irrelevancy 

Trump firmly seeks celebrity. 

Don’s ego is a fragile thing, 

‘specially as he can’t dance or sing. 

Image result for song and dance man

Arse licking courses, one o’ one,  

Completion guaranteed for the dumb. 

Highly priced, and not for free,  

The Don now charges an emolument fee.  

Image result for trump university

My Presidential pardon means for me  

When hiding behind a grand oak tree, 

Should I fart or burp out loud, 

My break of wind draws not a crowd. 

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For Ivanka and her numero uno, 

Don’s son-in-law’s no John Profumo, 

A Minister for War he’ll never be, 

He only works, for a fat fee. 

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Election rigging seems quite cute 

But each recount comes out all mute. 

A celebration of irrelevancy, 

It’s unreality, reality TV.  

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A white house filled with rank unknowns, 

Whose supplications ringed his throne.  

Attending court now counts for nought, 

A strain of covid’s, all they caught 

Image result for folk at trump announcement white house

The outgoing POTUS, to be fair,  

Is careful not to muss his hair, 

And when at last his day is done, 

Perhaps he’ll tread in Joe’s dog dung. 

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