Y Blog?

Ever wondered why? Well not until I was recently asked.

Years ago I started a short story called ” Die Gum Sarn” [Big Gold Mountain]. It’s still a work un-progressed. Miscellaneous chapters lie strewn around, awaiting connection to one another.

Goldfield’s Pageantry from the time of Die Gum Sarn

A NaNoWriMo challenge diverted me. A short story, “Nude Climbing,” 50,000 words written in 30 days resulted. The feedback, the little I received, was encouraging; learning about how WordPress operated. It was educational.

“The Cake” expanded a passing mention of homebaked goodies being used by older women to seductively inveigle other’s partners.

Black Forest Cake with The Cake Girl Recipe by Seline Kuti - Cookpad

Reading other blogs, has since taken over the place of reading library books and other commentaries. Learning from the style of fellow bloggers, has helped me find a voice of my own. The comments and criticisms, have lead me down rabbit holes I’d never have dug.

Hopes nationwide release of K5 rabbit virus will kill more than 40% of the  population | Stuff.co.nz
Rabbit holes I never dug

Is it a diary? To record the passing of dreary days? A tedious travelogue, of journey’s past?

Frankly, I dunno, I blog for me. It’s a written selfie. It says where I was in my head at the time, like a word selfie, a record of a time, a place, an emotion, kinda like a …. dick pic.

I reviewed what I’d written over the years. T’was a salutary experience. Humour, pathos, stupidity, compassion, questioning, railing about politics, shouting into the void. They’re all there.

Each piece, re read, can take me right back to just how I was feeling.
So, in a way, it’s a diary. A record of me, quirkiness, thoughtfulness and always true to the feeling of that time, no matter how shameful.

And I wonder, what my kids will think of my writings,




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