Parramatta flooding - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Pic of Parramatta River in flood at the site of Anti-Evacuees protest

Noisy anti-evacuers attended a rain soaked protest beside the pontoons of the flooded Parramatta River.
They were protesting the Berejiklian Labor government evacuation orders for many parts of flooded NSW.
The state has received rainfall of biblical proportions in the past week.
The anti-evacuers denounce the heavy handed approach of the government, a spokesman said, “We haven’t been consulted, not anyone came talk to us. We tried to get her ex- lover[?] Darryl MacGuire to put a word in for us with premier Beryl, before she issued her draconian diktat.”

Premier to hear concerns of flood-affected businesses | Tweed Daily News
Berejilklian shakes hands in the dry during March 2021 floods in NSW

The spokesman continued, “Berejiklian, fell back on her tried and true, ‘I’ll do what the science says.'”
News is coming in as we publish that a whole platoon of anti-evacuers has been swept away from the protest and were last seen bobbing up and down past Sydney’s majestic Opera House several tens of kilometres downstream.

Sydney Corporate Triathlon 2016 Race Report | Champion United
Anti-Evacuees being swept past Opera House after 2021 March floods


Tibetan Tongue Greeting

Shaking Hands Not Enough For You? Try Visiting These Places – Commonplace  Fun Facts
When shaking hands is just not enough, traditional Tibetan Tongue greeting

The Tibetan tongue greeting,

Could it be the next viral rage?

To signify a consensual meeting,

In this modern face masked age?

Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg elbow-bump in the House of  Representatives - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Two blokes in Australia creasing suits while virtue signaling

That poncy Wuhan bump and shake,

Delivered insincerely at elbow level.

Makes my forearm and biceps ache,

Creases suits, it’s so disheveling!

Not a lot to ask': Prime Minister Scott Morrison posts photo of himself  wearing a surgical mask on afternoon trip to the shops | The West Australian
A bloke in Australia wearing a face mask, who is that guy?

But I demur, was just a thought.

Mouth covering hides one’s true intention.

Protruding tongue is all for naught,

While managing Wuhan virus prevention.

Masks in the Tibetan tradition - Art, Buddhism & Thangka Painting Courses  by Carmen Mensink
Tibetan face mask in the Buddhist tradition

The Organ Below

Piano From the Titanic Wreckage | Titanic wreck, Titanic ship, Titanic  history
An organ below! Piano on the sunken Titanic

As a kid I derived a fascination with the organ which I kept below my belt. The tropical climate meant we rarely dressed in anything more than a singlet and shorts, so whatever we carried got stuffed into the shorts pockets. My grubby shorts, two sizes too big were secured with dad’s hand-me-down belt.

In these pockets, pride of place was always found for my harmonica. An harmonica, given to me one Christmas, always went with me.

The Buzzsaw Report: 7 Legitimate Reasons Not to Start ...

My harmonica provided times of, solace, pensive thoughtfulness, even the chance to show off. I admit these were all part of its seductive allure

Growing older, much older, I retired and took on blog reading. As a child I could never have imagined reading anything more useful than what was written in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Image 1 - Encyclopaedia-Britannica-15th-edition-large-collection
My childhood knowledge repository

Blog reading though was to prove how useful it could be.

In reading through Keith’s at I came across an amazing fact that, for a life time, had escaped me.

Keith lists many celebrities who were well-known for thinking with the organ below their belts.

I could have achieved more in life by using the brain capacity below my belt.

Something Fishy

Ever had a poor idea?

Sure you have, like myth of NASA spending heaps to create a biro to work in zero gravity. The Russians chose a pencil ✏️[ the myth exposed below in # ]

The History of the Space Pen | Cool Material

Then we have the realm of poor ideas poorly executed. Recently Taiwan has been catapulted into first place with the sushi restaurant proposal to offer a free sushi dinner to anyone whose official name on an ID card, contained the word for Salmon, 蛙鱼

Wild salmon may not be as wild as you think | The Verge

A rush of name changes lead to protests by government officials to remind folk to be more public spirited and stop wasting their time filing frivolous name changes.

Here’s the article where Taiwan government pleads with citizens not change their name to ‘Salmon’ for a restaurant promotion

A better idea might be to change the law and only allow a single name change, preventing all those creative name changes being reversed.

Folk might just think twice.

Seems fishy to me

Best Fish for Someone Who Doesn't Like Fish | Remove Fish Fishy Taste -  Global Seafoods North America


Cod Pieces

Pan Fried Cod (Fried Fish) | Recipe | My Homemade Food ...
pieces of cod

Cooking is not a major interest of the hobartchinaman but his mind turned recently to cod pieces. Fought over by English and French fishermen, Brexit had again brought the cod to prominence.

Being in Sydney, he’s been astounded at the developments in lycra wear. The famous Sydney fish markets was where he got an eyeful.

Darn stuff was everywhere. Brought back fond memories of the Colombian women’s cycle team. They were early ambassadors of the trend.

Colombian women's cycling kit sparks outrage | Australian ...
Colombian women’s cycling team, 2014

Subsequently the vagina/vulva dress has made it to the catwalks, in high[?] fashion.

Now in the prêt-à-porter lycra world of sports and gym wear, the transition to the streets has occurred.

So, like or not I reckon I’m seeing too many vulvas.

But I digress!

Equality demands that such displays of femininity be matched with a return to the male cod piece. Popular of old, especially in the upper classes, could it be time to democratise cod pieces again?

Just asking?


The Thylacine reveal, was for thehobartchinaman, a bit of a damp squib.

Now there’s an interesting word use, it is NOT a damp squid.

Damp Squid' Blamed For Everything When It Should Be 'Damp Squibs' |  HuffPost UK
these are damp squid

The Thylacine Awareness Group Facebook page showed the latest much vaunted findings, debate raging, comments turned off for safety. To save reader’s time this page wil not be linked.

Susan Neil Fraser came to thehobartchinaman’s aid. Her appeal in the Supreme Court of Tasmania against her murder conviction, rested on new and compelling evidence being found subsequent to conviction. A recent law passed in Tasmania, allowed such appeals, when before none existed. For aficionado’s there’s a link below

Without the circus of T**** in the USA, the Thylacine disappointing, and no more body pieces being found in the Melissa Craddick debacle, here was an opportunity to see justice being dispensed.

thehobartchinaman caught the bus into the Supreme Court of Tasmania.

Video was relayed from the No 1 court’s proceedings, into covid safe public gallery of the No 2 court. I felt super safe on the green electrical tape cross stuck to the comfy leather benches. It was after all, 1.5 meters from my neighbor.

11 of 17 attendees were women, 9 of 17 wore glasses, all 17 were over 70 yo.

“So why are you here?” asked my neighbour leaning over .

“To see justice dispensed,” I smiled back.

“Oh, you’re not a supporter then?” she said peering over her glasses. Her paisley tights might have been more sightly on a women half her age.

“Yes, I’m interested to see how this case develops, there’s been a lot of speculation,” I replied,

“So you’re just an observer, eh?”

I rocked back. My wispy oriental beard came into its own.

Stroking the strands thoughtfully, I stroked slowly twice more for that oriental inscrutable effect.

“Mmhh, yes,” I slowly mused, “an observer,”I’m ambivalent to the outcome.”

Within the panelled gallery, it was clear the majority were supporters. All were willing the overturn of the original conviction.

I tried to follow the grounds of the appeal, wondering how the excusal of the chief new witness for the appellant was going to shake the outcome. The second appeal ground on the admissibility or not of DNA evidence being fresh and compelling, was lead to prove the attendance at the murder scene of the new witness.

This seemed to me a red herring, all the more so as the witness had recanted her sworn testimony saying she was at the murder scene.

Red Herring - TV Tropes
this is a red herring

For supporters it had been a disappointing day. As their Honours retired to give judgement, I could feel the wind, easing from the appellant’s case.

In due course we will know, I’m not a betting man, but I feel this cause is lost.

Two Chinas?

Great Southern Hotel Sydney (Haymarket, Australia ...

The Great Southern Hotel Haymarket pretends to Art Deco flourishing’s in a much refurbished shell.

It is for all these minor flamboyances not one of the great hotels of Australia, nor in fact Sydney. It’s room have a functional 2000’s appeal, the foyer simply nodding to Art Deco.

Great Southern Hotel Sydney, Sydney Price, Address & Reviews

It’s chiefly through the type set on its façade.

Sydney Art Deco Heritage: The Great Southern Hotel

It’s from my room in 604 that I can look back into the city, over ‘ChinaTown’ to the lower and mid left.

But it’s the flags that capture thehobartchinaman’s attention. To the right of centre of flutter three flags.

The one on the left for the ROC was definitely not made in the PRC, the one on the right might have been.

Got me thinkin again of my Wuhan Virus delayed trip to Formosa, including Quemoy