What’s In A Name?

Ari, Wolfgang, Archie, and Rafael, grandsons of thehobartchinaman.

Their surnames are 來 or 潘 . [Interested readers will use google translate to good effect here]

That’s two German, Greek and Spanish first names, combined with distinctly chinese surnames.

In fact, they’re just kids I love.

So what’s in a name?

The Bard* gave Juliet a great line in Romeo and Juliet :

Image result for Most Fragrant Roses
Scented Rose

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Simultaneously, names become irrelevant. I suspect perfumed rose grower’s sales rocketed,

See the source image
Unscented Rose

while unscented varieties sales tanked.

Names though are striking back.

Whatsinaname is an Aussie promo company started in 1990.

In 2010, South India’s Advertising & Digital Marketing Agency followedwith What’s In a Name 

Even in thehobartchinaman’s home town we’ve got Whatsinaname Tasmania down Harrington Street!

The ‘so called “Covid-19” virus keeps getting add ons.

There’s the Indian variant, the Kent or British variant and the South African variant.

Got me thinking?


Sure each has the word variant attached, so y’all can say :

Covid – 19 Indian variant, etc

Viruses like to be named nicely, they like to know where they came from!

The grandkids first names hark from European lands, their surname Asia.

First described in China, seems to me the virus’s name might better reflect it’s back story

Its could have been for example:

Wuhan Virus – Kent variant

Somehow, I think I missed the boat.

See the source image

thehobartchinaman has previously written of the Bard in :

*Sunday Dinner Date. https://wordpress.com/post/thehobartchinaman.wordpress.com/4795

*Twerking and Dignity. https://wordpress.com/post/thehobartchinaman.wordpress.com/4795

And finally in :

Nippon 26 : Bruce. https://wordpress.com/post/thehobartchinaman.wordpress.com/322

Rakushisha Poet's Hut image copyright Damien Douxchamps
A thatched hut that belonged to the 17th century haiku poet Mukai Kyorai. Mukai was a student of Basho Matsuo, one of Japan’s greatest poets. Basho even composed a few poems here

In this post from Kyoto, thehobartchinaman stood before whatappearedtobe, to him, a facsimile of the Bard’s home at Stratford upon Avon. But it wasn’t. He had incorrectly recalled the home of Anne Hathaway, seen below. Realising that at the time he must have been swept away in some fantasy relating to poetry and the past, thehobartchinaman stands corrected. The similarities end at dried straw.

Anne Hathaway`s William Shakespeare`s wife famous thatched cottage and garden at Shottery, just outside Stratford upon Avon

thehobartchinaman wishes to correct this error, thankyou



  1. Fay Lau says:

    I have German, Latin & biblical names in my family too.

  2. Fay Lau says:

    Love your photos

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