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possible source of virus
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possible source of virus

Covid, Wuhan, what the heck!

Symptoms a real pain in the neck.

Was it bats or pangolin,

Or supers-spreaders at local inn?

ABC, a reliable source ,

Providing info when it’s sought,

As radio, it fills a place,

In infowars its keeps its apace.

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Reporter asks a vital question,

“Doctor, what is the situation,

Which vaccine would you recommend,

For we the unwashed, common men?”

This much is known to interlocuter

A Nobel Laureate, he is a Doctor,

He looks at her somewhat askance,

His answer drives thru like a lance.

“I studied animals, mainly mice,

Should I give human vaccination advice?”

My Nobel Prize grants me no status,

Beyond aged thoughts on human flatus.


What Are We Unleashing?

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An Aussie troll has been exposed,

To USA, he’s been transposed.

From Ipswich Town, he’s far from buff,

But some right wingers cant get enough.

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His handle* combines both youth and cat,

He rages ’bout all autocrats,

In the sewer of the internet,

What we ignore, is what we get.

Down Under, the politically elite,

Ignored Ms. Hanson, as too effete* *.

She rose to power, a fish shop brawler,

Political virgin? No, true street mauler.

Hanson’s launching pad fish shop, Ipswich, Queensland, with its new Asian owner.
Cogitating in Australian Senate, and burqaing up, to make a point in the Chamber***
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Hanson raising profile on Dancing with the stars

“So what’s the point!” I hear you ask.

Give ’em both the political arse.

They’re both from Ipswich, is what what I see,

I don’t think either would take the knee.

But then again T#!%P * *** *can, so maybe there’s hope yet.

*thehobartchinaman won’t perpetuate stupidity by naming this galoot.** **

* *effete, lacking in wholesome vigor; degenerate; decadent:

***Hanson’s campaign against multiculturalism received maximum coverage ahead of a debate on banning full-face coverings in public. as she took her seat in the Australian Senate Question Time, wearing a full burqa!

** **galoot, an awkward and not-too-intelligent person. 

* *** *T#!%P, is the 45th president of the USA, whose name thehobartchinaman refuses to write, in memoriam*** *** for the damage he wrought.

*** ***memoriam, an announcement or composition etc. in memory of a deceased person.

Sevenling (dread)

Image result for alka seltzer dissolving

A sevenling: new poetic style to dread.

In my retirement stretched ahead,

Child abuse allegations wreath a deathbed.

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What’ll it be for sweet grandma Malka?

I posit she’ll need more than Alka-Seltzer

Her defence team complete with their yamulka,

Her artifice destroyed by non orthodox hidden camera.

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Howrah Mail, PO

inspired by  Krishnamurti Ganesh HOWRAH MAIL at

Our Howrah Mail sits by a Rotary bookshop,

Far from a railway, none on our isle

Our government decreed they should all stop,

Passenger revenue was a sinking pile.

In India tho it’s not the case,

Poets extol the Mail’s slow meanderings

It’s not a journey known for pace

The rocking allows for pensive wanderings.

Over the Hoogley, a bridge does span.

Majestically of iron and rivets.

A tribute to Victorian man,

Whose treats consisted of cream jam and piklets.

Olympic Reflection

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Folk in Japan don’t want it there

The juggernaut rolls on without a care.

Old men in suits say it’s quite safe

I wonder if they’re being naif.

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One day the Olympics will be gone,

The world will wonder what was done,

Treasure spent on bronze and silver

Climate change will make us shiver.

I wonder what the toll will be,

Sorry grandkids, it’s too late for me.

When Brisbane’s games next roll around,

Perhaps I’m six feet in the ground!

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A. Finanzio, SC, Hero of the Crown Commission!

Ray Finkelstein AC, QC has been commissioned to enquire into the suitability of Crown to continue to hold a casino license on the south bank of the Yarra River, in Melbourne. Crown’s been up to its armpits in questionable practices. Under a shower of tax revenue, the Victorian Government gymnastically was able to turn a blind eye, hold its nose and turn its back simultaneously. Readers are invited to mentally imagine this gymnastic event. To assist the nearest image I can find is the Seth Blatter classic. Crown has also recently been found not fit to hold a license in a yet to be opened casino at Barangaroo on Sydney Harbour. In business terms a bit of a shit storm for Crown.

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Staff member hopping in for their chop at the Seth Blatter money shower
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Seth Blatter, then IOC president money shower

The Finkelstein commission’s nearly done,

Crown👑 casino misdeeds exposed to sun 🌞.

The report will be delivered in October.

It’s business model could soon be over.

The counsel assisting, delivers a blast,

It’s sharp, quite pungent, up the arse.

The findings a boot in their  rear.

Can Crown 👑 recover, it’s far from clear,

To hold a licence, and public trust,

Is more than providing a punter bus 🚌

Fananzio’s * up there, my new god,

To Crown 👑 he’s just a nosey sod.

afinanzio's picture
*A Finanzio SC, counsel assisting the commission.