Dazza, Gotta Love ‘im

Yesterday we asked,

“Did she or didn’t she?’

Courtesy of Darryl MacGuire we now have the answer.

Gladys will sit in the seat of shame this morning.

Darryl had obliged with a bravura performance, playing nicely to his former electorate. He came across as a rogue, maybe even a likeable one, with an Aussie disrespect for rules and puffed up bureaucrats. He candidly prickled his way through cross examination,

‘Did you love her?’


‘Did she love you?’


Darryl said the pair would holiday together, and that they discussed “having a child” and getting married.

Mr Maguire was also asked if there was any “physical intimacy” between them.

“Yes,” he replied.

Darryl said that the relationship was once so close that he had a key to her house. He couldn’t remember if he ever gave it back.

And so as anticipated the other shoe has dropped.

Gladys descent into her own hell starts today.

Strangely I’ll watch empathetically.


Berejiklian – “Did She or Didn’t She?

Today 28 October 2021, Darryl MacGuire, ex ‘close personal friend’ of Gladys Berejiklian, ex premier of NSW and soon to be ex – MP, will give evidence to a Royal Commission into his corruption.

Much of this behaviour he has admitted. His personal behaviour with those he interacted was described as that of an arsehole.

thc has mocked along, taking delight in the minutiae of the QC’s surgical precision in crafting questions, ending most examinations with the phrase,

‘Would you have done any of the things you have described in evidence any differently had you known of the close personal relationship between the premier and MacGuire’.

Invariably they answer that they would.

Ms B’s chief of staff, a friend since uni days, said she knew of the relationship back in 2017, but that Ms B, construed the relationship as past and being historical.

The CoS went onto say that when she learned that the relationship had continued for for some two years until October 2020, she was shocked and went on to say,

“Gladys is an intensely personal person.’

Glady’s confession in 2017 was possibly prompted when as a new premier she was forced to sack Darryl for behaviour which led to this Royal Commission. Nevertheless she continued with her ‘ close personal relationship’ with him. Strangely worded huh?

Got me thinkin’.

Ms. B’s counsel has a rough road to hoe. The litany of evidence forensically uncovered a pretty picture does not make. But it all presumes that apart from a few taped conversations where Gladys tells Darryl she is not interested in hearing about his little schemes she knew not nor cared what the heck he was up to. She was in love and had thought of a life together after marriage. There are no pillow talk exchanges the public have been privy too.

Maybe, in this early part of the 21st Century she was ‘saving herself’ for her matrimonial bedding.

So here’s the thing.

Why not make the Clinton defense and ask,

“Did you have sex with that man?’

Everyone has presumed she’s ‘done it’.

And its perhaps immaterial if she has. But her quaint words on resigning, have that Clintonesque twist to them.

‘ I state categorically, I have always acted with the highest level of integrity. History will demonstrate that I have always executed my duties with the highest degree of integrity for the benefit of the people of NSW who I have had the privilege to serve.’

I don’t doubt she has acted as described.

And she never disclosed the ‘close personal relationship’. Perhaps in her world, acting with the highest standards blah blah only included ‘intimate relations.’

Legally a moot point I suspect. It was likewise the case for Clinton. In his world fellatio did not constitute sex. Penetration did. Could it be in Gladys world she never crossed the Clinton line? Just a little nookie, a hand hold, a hand on knee. All very thrilling but not meeting her high ethical high, the standards by which she publicly served?

I’m suspecting her naivete was manipulated by Darryl for his own ends. He was adrift mate wise after his own acrimonious divorce. Publicly he was the life of the party.

We await Darryl today, then two days of Gladys on the stand.

I accept I’ll be viewing the livestream differently than before. Perhaps more empathetically.

And gosh, this has all the elements for a great ten part podcast!

Editor’s note : thehobartchinaman acknowledges the limited interest in this topic for overseas readers. My guess is that it’s likewise of marginally more interest to Aussie readers.

Oh well so be it, back to the six hours of livestream, to be found at https://www.icac.nsw.gov.au/investigations/live-streaming-of-public-inquiries/operation-keppel-live-stream

when the commission is in session from 10am – 4pm AEDT

Nietzsche and Seneca [the Younger] Zig Zag

the hobartchinaman was distracted in his quest to labour through the shadowpoetry.com catalogue of formal and invented poetry forms, by a nice little piece over at the skeptic’s kaddish in the zigzag format. Zig Zagging dredged up memories, delaying this inaugural piece

Nietzsche and Seneca [the Younger] Zig Zag

Trying to find uplifting theme

Flying high a distant dream.

If birds can soar above the ground,

And lions roar, while lounging ’round,

Why’s it so hard to find a meme,

‘God Almighty!’ you’ll hear me scream!

Trying to find uplifting theme

Flying high a distant dream.

I’m drawn to Nietzche as a thought.

Sweet as the lychee that I bought.

“Enjoy life, it’s no rehearsal,”

Eschew pain and small reversals.

Trying to find uplifting theme

Flying high a distant dream.

To philosophers I revert,

Basic truths show, though sometimes curt.

“Quality counts, not quantity.”

Learnt at Seneca’s bended knee.

copywrite © thehobartchinaman

Rules for Tina’s Zigzag Rhyme

  • It starts with a sestet, refrain, quatrain, refrain and quatrain;
  • It must have an uplifting subject;
  • Refrain is first two lines of poem;
  • After refrain you use center rhyme, then end rhyme, continue with refrain… etc;
  • It is an 8 syllable per line poem. No limit to stanzas but must have, at least one sestet, refrain, and quatrain.
  • Rhyme scheme:
    • Rhyme in first two lines is at left,
    • next rhyme is center in lines 3 and 4,
    • and rhyme in lines 5 and 6 is an end rhyme.

Riging df 65

My df 65 servos got wet when dunked,

The sails and rudder all kerfunkt

With metho, vaseline and WD forty,

I tried to make the darn yacht sporty.

When all the rigging I’d pulled taut,

The batteries charged, or so I thought.

The bloody weather didn’t help

In carpark mud my trainers squelched.

On metal pontoon I took my place

To give my yacht a little race.

Then in the rain I saw a sight

Spring ducklings waddling with all their might.


Tasmania’s health system is a bit crook [poor shambolic].

It’s a poor cousin compared to other Australian States. For folk feeling a bit crook [ill, sick], there’s long wait times for treatment the Emergency Department.

See the source image

In Central Tasmania, the dry sheep raising uplands, serious accidents at isolated properties are transported by helicopter to the State’s main hospital in Hobart. The helicopter is small with no room for gear such as gumboots or the shepherd’s crook,

A shepherd’s crook

Landing on the new helipad atop the hospital, clinical services are accessed promptly by following the crooked [bent] finger of the paramedic in charge.

The hospital makes no distinction between the law abiding and crooks [criminals]

I’ll get outta ya hair now.

Zig Zag

thehobartchinaman has been pursuing standard and invented forms of poetry from shadowpoetry.com for a while. Frankly he got bored.

Scrolling through skeptics kaddish.com, David ben Alexander, tries out a form, the Zigzag.

Zigzag nudged memories of the Lithgow Zigzag railway from my childhood.

Zigzag Railway, Lithgow, NSW showing the three inclined railway tracks which enable the ascent/descent of the Blue mountains escarpment, by travelling first forward then in reverse over successive sections.

Also took me back to the day’s of Peter’s Ice Cream, known then as ‘The Health Food of the Nation. ‘

Two Clowns, Zig and Zag were all over the place in Peter’s advertising.

See the source image
Jack Perry and Doug MacKenzie, as Zig and Zag.

I thought it might be an interesting byway to follow. In 1999 the pair were to be honoured as Kings of Moomba, an annual festival in Melbourne.

It was revealed that five years earlier in 1994, Perry had pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting his grand daughter. Whoops.

They lost the Moomba gig.

Furthermore, it put me off of writing a Zigzag poem for a bit.

More later.

The Lounge Corner

See the source image
Ceiling space above a lounge corner

Annually, above vertices of lounge cornices in the ceiling space, in a tiled verge is a hidden place, a safe place.

Come Fall, sparrows nest, on all manner of mixed fibre and spittle to make birthplace,

Young are raised, sheltered from the high winds sweeping the estuary nearby,

It is a haven.

Though parent birds could hear the wind’s roar, in the sheltered nest, the tiny googs couldn’t hear a thing.

When developed the fluffy hatchlings pecked their way through their shells emerging with weak winglets unable to fly. Seeking food, the chicks noisily squawk and scratch on the ceiling, catching glimpses of sunlight sunrays penetrating into their home through the roof tiles.

They don’t move lots, until their bones stiffen and muscles develop. They shuffle about before they can soar. Clawing scraping tweeting softly, tweeting calling. the announce they’re there.

Twixt the interior primrose painted plaster board and exterior weatherboard wall of the lounge room is a ten foot deep gap, the width of a four by two stud.

Several chicks plunge into this gap annually, scraping and tweeting.

it’s an impossible rescue,

A week later its all quiet.