Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Recently the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, was caught out in a lie.

A real lie!

Understandably, such changes invoke praise or cynicism depending on political persuasion. These reversals are fodder for political junkies. 

This was not a ‘political walk back’ of  a promised policy proposal. Such proposals are often made in the the lead up to an election to garner votes. Post election a winner or loser, might walk back these policies in light of new data.

In other words it’s what pollies do hey.

The video says it all, I’ll not waste your time writing about it, please review.

Who cares whether ScoMo lied?

He has clearly lied. Not ‘lied’ as some journo’s would have it.

He makes a big deal of his moral integrity and is ‘outraged’ when his own dissembling traps him in a web of deceit and outright lies.

Why does this matter?

If he can’t be trusted to tell the truth on small things, making up stories to spin the news cycle, there’s little else he can be trusted on.

ScoMo is a liar.

He’s gotta go!

BTW, I’ve turned off my US news feeds, but these ScoMo lies have a resonance with the 45th. Have to say I’m proud to be an Aussie when ScoMo can be called on such a trivial matter and be unable to label it false news. Building a reputation as being a liar and untrustworthy should lead to his undoing



  1. Keith says:

    People like Morrison, Johnson, Trump, Putin, Kim, Xi have seen the truth is a commodity to be used only when it sells the story. Even then, it needs to be improved. Keith

    1. davidatqcm says:

      Ah! the Shame of this age

      1. Keith says:

        David, so true. We have always had untruthful politicians, but it is so easy now to get away with lying with social media. There are few repercussions for lying. We have an obvious seditionist in a former president in the US and we have sycophants white washing his crimes and lies… Keith

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