Strange Things

Couchsurfing has recommenced at our joint.

We’ve been doing this for years as hosts and travelled in Europe and Japan pre Wuhan Virus.

CouchSurfing confuses minds. Many believe it’s what homeless indigent folk do. started before the term was captured. CouchSurfing “pays forward” short stay accommodation when travelling. The site’ll give y’all a more dressed presentation than I can. Anne and I have hosted and been hosted by over 250 folk world wide.

With travel returning to Tassie we took the chance to accept a young guy from Chyyna. He wanted to come rock climbing and spent a climbing day at the Organ Pipes and at the Candlestick

See the source image
Candlestick jutting outta Tasman Sea
See the source image
Climbing at Organ Pipes, Hobart

Needless to say we were pleased to see him each evening.

In the evenings we exchanged travel ideas and experiences. While rabbiting on about what a retired gentleman does, I mentioned blogging and writing short stories. He was interested. Especially in my Rock Climbing story.

” Yeah nude free rock climbing!” I offered.

Dang did that pique his interest.

He looked across sheepishly from the black single leather armchair. Anne and I sat hand in hand on the two seater across from him.

“I’ve something to confess, ” he said lowering his voice, “when I started to learn climbing about a year ago, I tried that.”

I nearly fell outta my sofa, quite a feat really as I exclaimed “What!”

“I was reading your blog, and loved your descriptions of the chalk bags and sweat dripping on iPads.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I went back to re read what I wrote.

For the benefit of new readers I’ll reprise the story across the next few weeks.


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