Thylacine Tetractys

extinct Thylacine



Not now seen,

Amongst us now,

The Thylacine, hunted to extinction.

Used to be called Tasmania’s wild dog,

All traces lost,

Grainy pic

Haunts us




Through genes

Maybe hope

To once again

Re-engineer it’s foxy loping gait.


Can science make up for our past hunting?

Assuaging guilt.

It’s dead now.

Let it,


.dverse prompt
a 5 line stanza poem (more stanzas if you wish)
1;2;3;4;10 syllables for each successive line of the 1st; 3rd; 5th  stanza etc; inverted for even numbered stanzas


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  1. Alas I think we should let it rest, and learn how not to do it in the future.

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