Easter Day Learnings

the has enjoyed a break away from incessant news feeds and deleting boring wordpress blogs.

The garden and housekeeping have benefitted from my attention.

A half cannister of dust and hair filled the Dyson from the carpet as I vacuumed. With an earpiece jammed in my right ear canal I  kinda listened to a podcast

Within the babble I heard, transient anus.* WTF I thought a transient anus?

Got me thinkin.

I wondered if I might have one, an alternate to my bum. The transient  anus was on a jelly (proto jellyfish) perhaps a step in evolution. Other jellys though can have several intransient anuses


Mmmhh so if man has a transient anus where would it be then?

Obviously why not start at the umbilicus. You know the cord connecting a fetus to mummy’s placenta. But gosh where is it connected to in bubby?  I never thought bout that before. Could this be the secret to mankind’s second secret anus? You tie the cord twice cut between ties and hey presto, another freed human. Some cultures sauté the placenta, a kinda lambs try or bury it as fruit tree fertilizer, or more likely in the West chuck it out as bio waste.

But where oh where is the umbilical cord connected to in the baby?

Curiousity got the better of me. In fact the umbilicus is connected to the baby’s tummy.

I never knew that, did you?

I turned off the Dyson, having learnt something I never knew.

Not a bad start to Easter Day, 2022

*. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2195656-animal-with-an-anus-that-comes-and-goes-could-reveal-how-ours-evolved/


Aussie Holiday Trifecta.

Good Friday came and went this year,

For His chosen, the passion clear.

Unfortunately for me,

Wood saw to trim a tree,

From Bunnings* Hardware was too dear.

When hot cross buns come out for sale,

Day after guzzling Christmas ale,

What from this can I deduct,

Is the calendar truly fucked?

Or is it better read in braille?

In land down under girt* by sea,

National day inspires controversy.

When Captain Cook,

Came for a look.

Gadigal*** mob at his mercy.

*. Ubiquitous Hardware Aussie chain

**. somewhat archaic term used in the Aussie National Anthem

***. tribe apparently located on shores of Botany Bay when Cpt Cook arrived 1770

Editor’s note: thc does not live his life for holidays anymore, being retired. Got me thinkin bout Easter, Christmas and Australia Day. These celebrations seem inextricably wound up in holiday at expense of their actual significance.