ICAC – Operation Galley, pm 30/6/2022

The enquiry becoming such a bore ,

With simultaneous translations, such a chore.

Can’t read the nuance of the answer,

Or is the witness suffering from skin cancer?

Translator’s smooth English to Mandarin,

It’s not as easy as it seems .

Sermons delivered, God forbid!

Listening to my Dad as his tin lid.

Royal Commission into corruption at Hurstville Council >>>>>>>>>> 皇家委員會調查赫斯特維爾議會的腐敗問題

Like this translator I can sense

Words misspoken can cause offence.

Dad was good at doing this,

And never stooped to take the piss.

A joy to see the words transform,

Meanings exact and not deformed.

Then Mandarin back to English go,

The conversation never slows.

Listening to the simultaneous translation of the commission today I was transported back to my youth. i recall Dad likewise being able to simultaneous translate backwards and forwards especially when delivering sermons at the Chinese Presbyterian / Methodist Church at 196 Little Bourke St on the corner of Heffernan Lane.

Sign on wall of Chinese Presbyterian / Methodist Church in Heffernan Lane Melbourne. Alas, it has been repainted / retouched since my youth and subsequently defaced with millennial graffiti. The facing bricks and mortar are a testament to workmanship of a bygone age.


ICAC – Operation Galley – am 30/6/2022

Mireille Hindi arrives at the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Wednesday.

Mireille stews in the witness box,

Her hubby Con’s# proved quite a fox.

Fugitive breeze wafts flowing locks,

Leaving behind working class stock.

Former councillors Vince Badalati and Con Hindi are being investigated by ICAC.

So why did she sign with “Malcom James”##

Thirty million deal in this name.

The excuse gives QC severe arse pain,

Reckoning her tale is pretty lame.

Commissioner halts the morning’s work,

Suggests her counsel with witness talks.

“She’ll be imprisoned behind firms locks,

Wandering round in prison smock.”

The admonition has had an effect,

Her answers no longer seem to deflect.

To Commission’s powers she genuflects,

Admits sworn answers incorrect.

This tale mirrors Canada Bay Mayor,

Aficionado’s peerless mare.

Both sat upon the witness chair,

Making a likely corrupt pair.

Lots of money, Chinese a few.

In both cases a Mr Lui,

Buy council votes without ado,

With high end goods, flights, steamed tofu

# Con Hindi – Former Hurstville Liberal councillor 

##Malcolm James – The inquiry heard the Hindis’ son Malcolm, now 28, was getting paid $150 a week to work part-time at Sydney Realty while he was studying. Hindi said he had used the name “Malcolm James” on his business cards because there had been “negative articles in the newspapers attacking Con” for council matters, and he preferred not to use his family name.

ICAC – Galley am day Two 15/6/2022

Court artistry from screen of ICAC Commission Galley live stream

Vince Baladati’s #in the dock,

Like Ange Tserikas* wore mayoral frock.

He’s fessed to taking massive bribes

From the evidence he canna hide.

A pic of Angelo Tserikas from some time ago. Unable to source a pic of how he currently looks. He’s real haggard possibly from the stress of defending his τιμή και πίστη
[ time kai pisti ]

His strategy seems reverse of Tserikas

Admit it all, they’ve already got us.

We’re out of council, who gives a fuck,

Put it down to poor dumb luck.

In Angelo’s case he’s still the mayor,

He’s hoping to wing it on a prayer,

Prevaricating to muddy the waters,

Denying stuff he damn not oughta.

Angelo’s playing a longer game

To rise back to power from his shame.

Badalati’s stuffed, a forlorn figure,

Publicly, he hardly raises a snigger.

thc obsession with ICAC inquiries is redoubled with day one admissions of bribe taking. As my wife comments ” that’s no fun!”

Mr Baladati

# “A former Sydney councillor has told the anti-corruption watchdog [ICAC Operation Galley] he accepted bribes of $170,000 from a Chinese developer in exchange for his support of two major development proposals. Key points: Vincenzo Badalati told ICAC he received cash from a developer as a ‘thank you’ for voting in support of one project”

*. Angelo Tserikas, stood down mayor of Canada Bay Council, under investigation in ICAC Operation Tolosa.

ICAC – Tolosa – Nearing The End

Rx for depression
Rx for sleeping

Tserikas’s counsel tries in on,

Says somethings up in Angelo’s scone.

Went to a doctor right nearby,

Got meds to blunt his web of lies.

He tries a ploy to get him off

Four grand a day, a fee for toffs.

Ang will need to pay for this

Is his defence just taking the piss?

Astute readers will note these are US dollars


Laboriously counsel teases out,

Contrary points to avoid a rout.

It’s far from pretty, take it from me,

I’ve had no time to take a pee.

I’m awaiting for the shoe to drop,

As in past hearings, you’d hear a plop.

When evidence is so damn revealing,

Corruption shown from floor to ceiling.

Alphabetic Quandary

Seems we need a lexicon of banned trigger words. There’s a growing collection of words abbreviated as either

x-word or x……..

The use of -word or ****** seems indiscriminate. From what I can make out x-word, is preferred when the word in question has achieved status, sometimes even capitalisation. x********* is used to cover up what for now is perceived as poor, smutty, sexual, filthy language not to be keyboarded, but ok in spoken free speech.

Here’s a couple of examples drawn from a recent NPR article: https://www.npr.org/2022/06/16/1105513685/recap-jan-6-committee-hearing

  • “If Pence caved, we’re going to drag m************ through the streets,” one rioter is heard saying on video.
  • Earlier, Jacob told Eastman “because of your b******* we are in this situation,”
  • saying that Pence didn’t have the “courage” to overturn the election and that Trump used the “p-word.”

Readers will have their own favs, frankly my dears I’m struggling to keep up.

In the case of these examples

1. m******** I’ve no idea what this might be

2. b ******* – Could this be brains, bullshit, baloney, bravado, brilliance, etc?

3. p-word – penis, poofter, professionalism, etc?

What’s apparent is that in leaving the determination of word meaning up to the reader, there’s the risk of misunderstanding.

The counter argument that all and sundry know the meaning of the x-word or x****** abrogates their use.

ICAC – Galley Day Two – Lunch.

22June 2022

Vincenzo Badalati

Badalati squirms uncomfortably in witness chair,

But Commission’s after another pair.

Hindi and Samson are their targets.

In local Chinese dialects and local argot.

Constantine Hindi

Badalati could be a stool pigeon,

Says he’s truthful, it’s now his religion.

Giving up his mates in vain attempt,

To save his skin although he’s being bent.

Phillip Samson

They’re chasing others, that much is clear,

A broken this chap, he’s nought to fear.

His evidence might rope both in,

Make’em pay for bribe-taking sins.

ICAC Tolosa End Of Day

ICAC commissioner Hall, QC,

Is on the video, plain to see,

It’s late in day, he’s clearly bored

Glances upward, ceiling,’praise the lord’

He thricely yawns, then stifles one,

Makes four by now, that’s quite a run,

Especially when told of migrant story,

Can scarcely stifle ‘Oh my glory!’

He wonders aloud ‘is this reasonable?

He judges reasons given risible.

To trash the dead dad’s reputation

In front of court and rest of nation.