Taking The Plunge!

Get dinner cooked, clean up the mess,

With twin grandsons my life is blessed.

We’re happy to help and not be paid,

I empathise with Filipina maids.

The next call is from the ensuite,

Porcelain bowl is quite replete.

Filled to the rim it’s quite a task,

‘The dunny’s blocked,’ need he have asked.

‘Here’s the plunger, I hear him say,

Working for nought, not plumbers pay.

Rhythmically I squash and push,

Up to the elbows in one ply mush

Thank God no faeces swirls around

And then I hear a gurgling sound.

The S bend clears with swoshing suction,

Much to the kids immense elation.


PC – Passing Conundrum

On airline wings, two delayed flights

Arrived well into the darkened night

Reheated dinner on a plate

But not enough to put on weight.

The next day, Thursday, had a car,

Allowed us travel near and far,

Rang retirement village at Carseldine

‘Is he still there, that friend of mine?’

“We can’t say one way or t’other

Are you perchance a long lost brother,

It’s privacy ” she jabbered on

‘We’re up from Tassie and not for long.

To see Ted again as he is aged’

Can’t give that info from our pages”

‘Leave us your number, we’ll pass to relo’s

Perhaps they’ll tell ya about that fella.’

Was getting pissed I will admit,

If Ted has carcked it, who gives a shit

This privacy thing is just a farce

Designed to protect some admin’s arse

ICAC Tolosa am 4/7/2022

Mad Cap Royal Commission

Tolosas ‘s back, y’know the royal commission,

Tolosa also a street in city of Glenorchy,

Tony Panuccio forgets, sin of omission?

Reponses increasingly voluble and quite talky.

The Commissioner tugs Tony’s pubes quite short,

Tony’s not used to being called to account.

They’re on the trail of financial of a rorts

Tracing to mayor Tserikas’s healthy discount.

Tolosa street, working class suburb,

Situates a mental health residential rehab centre,

The residents reckon it really superb,

Sheltering them from public tormentors.

I search around for pictures to show ya

Google Maps tries hard, but comes up short.

To protect resident’s privacy from guffaws,

Two wooden benches on grass forecourt.

love the artistically painted non functional bike

The examination is getting quite vociferous,

They thrust and parry ’bout days gone by.

Counsel assisting senses he’ll be victorious,

Thinks witness believes that pigs might fly.