Lost Marbles?

“He’s lost his marbles,” Mr Ormsby’s lament,

For hobartchinaman, useful comment .

For he’s not like other occidentals,

His heritage is much too oriental.

Munch on moussaka in Athens town.

He gazed at Parthenon while looking round

The frieze removed by English lord

Used dynamite and blunted sword.

A source of shame and wounded pride

Greek government can no longer hide.

Fuck Brit Museum and legal garble

They just want back, those Elgin Marbles

thc thanks MrOrmsbyAtLarge for his comments inspiring tis work of doggerel


Pooseum and Cloaca Professional

Hobart joined the list of places World Art aficionados must visit in 2011. David Walsh’s MONA could both fascinate and disgust audiences simultaneously. An eclectic mix of lesser works is quarterly rotated amongst such stalwarts as Cloaca Professional.

For those interested here’s a write up https://www.dailybulletin.com.au/the-conversation/14093-cloaca-professional-(2010)-blending-science-art-and-other-excrement

It’s a poo machine.

A recent couchsurfing visitor surprised us by asking how to get to the Pooseum.

Pooseum is located just out of Hobart at Richmond.

It features who knows what about you know what.

One of the best things to do in Richmond, Tasmania

God knows why!

After a strained day out she managed the daily double.

She arrived home more than a little relieved

before gardening

thc has been in a period of mourning since the passing of Her Maj in the UK. She was, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia. Today thc, is for the very first time able to express his feelings, before gardening :

Today the pansies 

but ‘fore I sail

Quaff down a pint,

Of ‘smoothie’ ale.

My mind is blank

Or so it seems

Reflecting on

Death of our Queen.

With grace her voice burst from her chest,

Her subjects listening felt quiet blessed.

Her Chrissie message was tradition,

Not to be viewed with scorn or derision.

This year no Chrissie message will she sprout,

With nice roast chook and brussel sprout.

Let’s hope the new King’s up to it,

And prove he’s not a greenie twit.

Litter, Litter, Litter, Litter,

A group of cats, cute little litter!

Or stuff we chuck, don’t want no more.

But cleaning one through odours bitter

Tests human’s senses, that’s for sure.

Potentates like Duke de Roquefort

Were in a litter borne along.

With rhythmic cadence and muscular effort ,

Like cheese perhaps malodourous pong?


thc won’t go into the reasons why this product is needed. Please do your own research, sites are not referenced here.

Like Listerine, it’s a product in search of a market.

It is definitely male oriented.

One wonders how long it will be before men learn to turn around?

Reflections on Artillery, Rockets And Drone Munition Strikes On Armoured Vehicles Containing Human Beings – Beyond The Obsessive Doom Scrolling of Precision.

“Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done,”

Words said in supplication.

Not words intoned in jest or fun,

When each defends one’s nation.

Playful Use of Loitering Munition?

On facebook instagram and twitter,

We see images displayed

Of soldiers sitting on the shitter,

And politicians rage.

And drone strikes, turret of a tank,

It blows them clean apart,

Odour of burning flesh is rank,

Much stronger than a fart.

Their souls depart for future life,

Dependent on their faith.

For Z or V girlfriend or wife,

Their love now just a wraith.

The body parts are strewn about,

Fragments bleached by the sun.

Conscripts and regulars caught in a rout,

All blown to kingdom come.

Brekkie noise

Soy* soaked cubes of bix weeten*,*

Thick raisin toast is eaten.

By avoiding lactose soaking.

Diarrhea’s paused from leaking.

Next door the roar of snipper

Whipping grass and ripping,

Ear drum shattering cacophony,

Makes me feel quite crotchety.

I wanna shout “Hey, knock it off!”

But risks him punching me in the block.

This Aussie form of Karen

Down Under he’s called Darren.

  • * thc endorses neither of these products.