Christmas Newsletter

Hi y’all. Christmas Newsletters used to be photocopied and in earlier times duplicated sheets from a roneo machine. Both were delivered by Australia Post.

Nowadays such newsletters are a pdf via email. The years have not changed the structure or content.

This newest version follows the same format but is a reference to a WordPress Blog.

First, one asks how the recipient is getting on, wishing all the best for the up coming festive season. Reassurance is given that the writer and family are in rude health.

Next comes a section on what the kids and their kids are up to. Achievements at school, sports and any accidents and illnesses. This can often segue into an extensive list of ailments suffered through the year’s operations and ill health survived.

Occasionally a section on travels might follow, highlighting things seen and done.

Concluding statements reiterate wishes for good health in the upcoming year and fervent wishes to see one another.

And that’s the Christmas Newsletter done.


Anne and David

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The Problem of Listening to Two Year Old USofA Podcasts while Gardening in Australia

The garden is almost silent

Save for croak of multiple frogs

Call each other without dissent,

Hidden beneath moss covered logs.

Listening to Cohen’s Mea Culpa

On podcast in Ozzie mulga*


Roses fall as summer passes,

Succulents sprout up, in between.

Pull out weeds with reading glasses

Juicy sprouting a vibrant green.

Cohen’s commentary is quite pungent,

Making Trump’s term seem redundant.


Trim lawn on number five setting,

Though grass is wet the blades cut through.

Take away the veggie netting,

Mature ripe produce in the stew,

Chronicles past like a bad dream,

Reveals things not bad as it seems.


.* mulga = slang aussie term for the bush, wilderness, outback

Rabbit hole

Stand at the edge, staring in,

Peer o’er the rim into the dark.

Heard sooner, would I have been

Better informed on issues stark?


Mea Culpa offers perspective now,

Best listened to, but in reverse order

Treats presidency like fat cash cow,

Now Don waits for fed prison warder.


thc recommends listening to the Mea Culpa podcast by Michael Cohen. Do so from oldest to newest episodes. This will chronicle the past five years of USofA politics for you with some most prophetic insights!


Outline and Genes

Fused into white-washed brick wall

At very end of Celestial Avenue.

A chimney impression stands up tall,

Below sky of cerulean hue.


Who cares about this image?

Built structure has now long since gone

But I imagine mum’s wrinkled visage,

Of progeny she’s yet to spawn.


A milliner in days gone by,

She lived in genteel poverty.

My Dad with twinkle in his eye,

Whisked her away most somberly.



So here I stand, wistfully wonder,

Decades after both their deaths.

Suppress reflex to thunder chunder,

O’er turning societal shibboleths.


The basalt rocks are cobblestones,

And on these stones her shoes once trod.

My body’s filled with her hormones,

And like her, I’m a Scots tightwad.

Mea Culpa

Late to the game

Which seems insane

Who seeks to blame


I listen in

To the podcast bin

To one man’s sin


It’s edication history

Shreds political mystery

Away with wistery

Mea culpa.

Should you listen?

Do turds glisten?

You may be wizened

The podcast.


THC accepts he has scant knowledge of USofA politics. The podcast MEA CULPA by Michael Cohen, formerly personal lawyer to the 45th US president is assisting in improving my understanding. Humbly, I suggest readers might too. Try it

Writing Hiatus – Thinking About It

I’m in a spot, writing hiatus,

My wife is learning vigorous pilatus

When I stretch cause pungent flatus

Attempt to revive wordpress blog status.

Serving up doggerel like this is vain,

For followers just a bloody pain

To read such tripe is in the main

A sodden walk in heavy rain.

Restricting self to just three verse.

Might save me from their bitter curse.

How should their time be reimbursed

When from the start they weren’t coerced.