Beating Up

Today the air has buzzing sounds, propellers going round and round,

Sometimes the clouds of moisture made are ripped to shreds ‘copter by blades.

Can’t tell the path by which they come, as I sit here on my bum,

As soon as reverberations fade away I can get on with my day.

Ruminating ’bout many things, my mind is fraught by thoughts on wings,

By slights I’ve given, and families riven, by stuff I’ve said yet unforgiven

As I grow older, care less about, gen x stuff their boring shouts.

Recall when I was at their age, the hardest thing, to turn the page.

Evening Comes

The pansies turn to face the sun,

Twisting their violet and yellow heads.

In sympathy with solar rays,

Past solstice there’ll be shorter days.


Some roses bloom and are fragrant,

Their perfumed sweetness on the air.

The fountain in the fish”s pool,

Starts automatically on timer rule.


As sun goes down evening turns cold,

Time to put the sirloin on.

It’s slathered in a spicey mix,

For barbecue, it’s just the trick.

Tindered Out

Tinder wanted me to match

Strange I thought, but what’s the catch.

Did I subscribe, sure I hadn’t,

Was it spam, so how to prevent it.


As I filled the eform in,

For body type and fetishism

Seems strange kinkiness now all the rage

Till it got down to my age.


Honestly I filled in age box,

The screen went blank, then off.

Seems old farts not welcome here,

Best go get a nice cold beer

Hinge Saves Nerves

The gate swings to and fro,

Scraping as it goes.

On the concrete gravel

Sets nerves on edge and frazzled.


Bunnings warehouse has a hinge,

Another buying binge.

Screw the hinge kit into place

The scrap is now erased