Vicarious Powerlessness

Commentary on video below

What feeds the popularity of such vids,*

Outbursts to sentences, abuse of kids.

The gavel brought down in final stage,

The criminal outbursts and fits of rage.


Just like survivor or big brother,

The audience revels in the pain of others.

Courts just like reality TV shows

Where beefy security absorbs wild blows.



The powerlessness of prisoner in the dock,

Sometimes in Correction’s orange smock.

It’s just another day in the court,

Dispensing justice to those it’s caught.


Ten, twenty years or thirty too,

A life without parole in view.

Imposing crazy sentence length,

Is what the system can dispense.


Private prisons, debate rages,

With profits made from folks in cages.

If money is made from misery,

Proliferation no mystery.


For those who are not aficionados the action gets going about the 18 minute mark


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