Recalls of First Kiss

Lotti Glanc was she the one,

Think again, it wasn’t her.

Sat in a bus upon my bum,

She glanced at me, but I demur.


Or was it Betty from Dandenong, so long ago I daren’t recall.

May have served her at Cheshire books, right downtown at Little Col mall.

Both caught Vic Rail 🚆 into the city,

Where our only date 📅 was pretty shitty.


But I remember how I felt,

For several weeks later, how she smelt.

Fool I am I didn’t phone,

Agonised all on my own.

Later on there was Kay,

Maybe I hoped to marry one day.

Her dad though was a racist shit,

My orientalism was not a hit.

Secretly we meet each other,

Before schizophrenia nabbed my brother.

Drifted apart, faced reality,

Her nurse career was oversea.

These recalls of first early kiss,

Is something which I rarely miss.

To think of past 🤔 as an old man,

Formed some of me and who I am.


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