What’s In A Name-WP prompt

What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?



So here it is,

I write in english

For this quiz.


I’ll share it with y’all

感 謝

It’s what close folk call,

lil ol’ me.


Pa gave it to me,

When I was young,

I’m older now,

a foreign tongue 👅


Name words rendered, in English framed

Anglicised word just two initials.

D J C P is what I’m named,

Onomatopoeically fissile.


Can this jumbled name explain,

Some thc personality traits.

F’rinstance why is he sometimes a pain

Bearing burden of this weight.


Mix of Anglo and of Sino,

Kinda like t×@&ps hated rinos.

His looks appear Chinese to thee,

Tho’ western intellectually.


I wonder, not as Wordsworth said,

Poetically father’s dead.

If he foreknew my cerebral struggle,

Namewrapping in protective bubble.


thc eschews a translation of Cantonese meaning of name in the interests of preserving remaining shreds of his dignity. This is NOT a trigger warning.


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