Maccas WP Inspiration

Brekkie time down local maccas

Fluro tees replace wife bashers*

Maori lads reminisce war hakas

They’d prefer to see junk flashers.


High couture not seen at maccas,

In she struts on four inch heels.

Dressed to nines in brushed alpaca,

Shit, she gets a kiddies meal.


Look around at local maccas,

Folk are lounging on their dates.^

Instinctively, I think they’re slackers,

But it’s for their orders that they wait.


* Aussie term for blue working class singlet

^ slang for butt



  1. Would you like flies with that?

    1. davidatqcm says:

      No thank you, I prefer chunkier style, we call them wedges or the like. Maccas shoe strings tie me up

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