What place in the world do you never want to visit? Why?

What place in the world do you never want to visit? Why?

China 🇨🇳 that’s the place I eschew,

I wait for change of political hue,

The land from which i trace descent

Crushes those who politically dissent.


Claims on Tibet and Uighurs too,

Imperialist designs to name a few.

And then of course south chynna sea,

These claims dont seem quite right to me.


I’m old enough to still recall,

The tank man showed it worst of all,

Not just the news, so well suppressed,

Where is he now, in peace he rests.


Why Can’t I Write Headlines Like This?

thehobartchinaman uses sassy taglines and cute categories rather than the strength of the story to increase reach.

But what about the headline?

Here’s a [an] headline that caught my attention,

Nick Carter accused of sexually assaulting Melissa Schuman in new suit

“Who the hell is Nick Carter or Melissa Schuman?”

I really don’t care, [neither should you] but they’re drawn together in this headline.


Why was Mr Carter wearing a new suit? Does it matter?

Perhaps Ms Schuman was wearing a new suit? Again, does it matter?

For clarification, the article reads :

The legal maneuver against the Backstreet Boys member comes more than five years after Schuman, a one-time member of the group Dream, filed a police report against Carter at the Santa Monica Police Department, but prosecutors did not purse the case at the time.

Not enough money in the purse at the time?

Bottle of Water

Refridgerated fashionably cool,

Up on the Huon Pine table.

But who is it meant to fool

This generational fable.


When a young laddie, if I was dry,

I’d search for nearby garden tap.

Gulp down the water I canna lie

If bowl nearby my dog could lap.


Now need a dollar, maybe two,

For bottled water, all the rage.

On fridge shelf with the mountain dew,

Bought the right brand for my image.

April Fool?

On April Fool’s it is the trend to try to trick another,

as kids we learn some devious plays, mostly from our brothers.

Can I let this day pass by and not pen artful prose,

Take readers down forbidden paths, ring tied and looped through nose.


Green power is the coming thing, let’s all get into that,

Sip kale yoghurt smoothie green at standup morning chat.

The government is losing trust, tries citizens to fool,

Suggesting electricity, not oil will be our april fuel.


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A People – Crikey Newsletter 13 March 2023

The lead paragraph from today’s newsletter :

In an exclusive three-part investigation, Tom Canetti reveals the extent of persecution against LGBTQIA+ people in China as survivors share stories of being kidnapped, beaten and abused in “militarised camps” with connections to the Chinese Communist Party.
Crikey 13 March 2023 Newsletter

I applaud Crikey for drawing my attention to the additional “A” people, whoever they are.

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