Rabbit hole

Stand at the edge, staring in,

Peer o’er the rim into the dark.

Heard sooner, would I have been

Better informed on issues stark?


Mea Culpa offers perspective now,

Best listened to, but in reverse order

Treats presidency like fat cash cow,

Now Don waits for fed prison warder.


thc recommends listening to the Mea Culpa podcast by Michael Cohen. Do so from oldest to newest episodes. This will chronicle the past five years of USofA politics for you with some most prophetic insights!



Polical Cycle Spins

Royal commissions hiatus, nay lull,

So aussie news has seemed so dull.

Forced to follow jan 6 hearing,

To international politics attention veering.

Poor old Ukraine is getting fucked,

By Russia, gosh what damned bad luck.

It’s sliding from the headlines now,

Four months ago, a sacred cow.

Boris Johnson’s hit the dirt,

Though hair was messy, wore nice pressed shirts.

Eventually his party saw,

He no longer held it in his claws.

Down under ScoMo got the chop,

Vain gloriously for his religious slop.

Promoting self always his schtick,

Electorate sussed he was a prick.

Wolf Warrior stirs Krazy Koala

Mr Potato Head, Aussie Defence Minister

Recently the Australian Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, otherwise known as Mr Potato Head, gave a speech at the National in Canberra Press Club in Canberra. He addressed the strategy of the Communist Party of China to wage Wolf Warrior Diplomacy.

Mr Dutton, together with strategic advisors and intelligence operatives have clearly had enough.

The wolf has been dining on boycotts of Aussie wine, beef, and barley whilst pushing limits with internationally declared illegal colonisation of islands in the sea bordered by many SE and Eastern Asian nations.

Generally wolves are by cunning little buggers.

See the source image
a not so cunning, nor smart wolf

The speech will spark confected outrage at this altered political stance on foreign policy by Australia.

Enough of chatting.

The Koala awakes, and he’s Krazy.

Image result for angry koala
An angry koala

We need liar Morrison gone. Methinks Dutton’s got the chops to make a foreign affairs prime minister. hehehe

Suspect this wouldn’t be the view in Peking.

My guess in Peking they prefer duck.

See the source image
Beautifully glazed Peking Duck

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Recently the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, was caught out in a lie.

A real lie!

Understandably, such changes invoke praise or cynicism depending on political persuasion. These reversals are fodder for political junkies. 

This was not a ‘political walk back’ of  a promised policy proposal. Such proposals are often made in the the lead up to an election to garner votes. Post election a winner or loser, might walk back these policies in light of new data.

In other words it’s what pollies do hey.

The video says it all, I’ll not waste your time writing about it, please review.

Who cares whether ScoMo lied?

He has clearly lied. Not ‘lied’ as some journo’s would have it.

He makes a big deal of his moral integrity and is ‘outraged’ when his own dissembling traps him in a web of deceit and outright lies.

Why does this matter?

If he can’t be trusted to tell the truth on small things, making up stories to spin the news cycle, there’s little else he can be trusted on.

ScoMo is a liar.

He’s gotta go!

BTW, I’ve turned off my US news feeds, but these ScoMo lies have a resonance with the 45th. Have to say I’m proud to be an Aussie when ScoMo can be called on such a trivial matter and be unable to label it false news. Building a reputation as being a liar and untrustworthy should lead to his undoing

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption – Darryl Macguire Second Day Appearance -2

An airconditioned breeze runs though,

The courtroom with a blocked out view,

We wait for testimony true,

Await a bombshell, something new.

Something small or something big,

Who’s gonna stuff this juicy pig!

A cast of characters, young and old,

They’ll hardly like their tale being told.

A tale of avarice and greed,

Many Chinese are in the cast.

Developers, full of grasping need,

Darryl’s usefulness is now past.

He’s been dumped, a useful lad,

Matrimonially a reported cad.

Affair with Berejiklian?

It’s all true blue Australian

See the source image


The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption – Darryl Macguire Second Day Appearance

Twisting in the commission’s breeze,

From the background, a courtroom sneeze.

Legal Counsel seeks to help poor Darryl,

Echoes past, like Barry Farrell.

QC says, “I’ll refresh your memory.”

Darryl’s career gone to the cemetery.

Property deals, and shady meetings,

Now denied by premier’s bleating’s.

The questioning can be quite forensic,

And shows an MP, politically thick.

He’s now disgraced and down, we’ll kick him,

The press dogs bay and howl, “Let’s sic him!”

Admitting guilt for some, is queasy,

But for Darryl, seems easy peasy.

He’s headed for a bollocking,

Spurned by lover, Berejiklian

Bye Bye Darryl

Darryl looked up.

He could see a cross above him.

See the source image

He swiped the blood from his right eye with his left hand, his right arm was limp, stuck out at an angle not shown in anatomical texts.

Darryl thought he saw sinews strung round the cross, then realised they were black rubber hoses and metal hydraulic tubes.

Muffled at first, he then strained to hear a youthful rising crescendo of  “aahing” and  “oohing, above him above the cross.

Darryl realised that the cross arms were just connected where they met.  The dirt and grease-soaked axle arms were joined to the grimy differential.

As he succumbed to his injuries and readied to meet his maker, Glady’s words at her presser, while he was grilled before the NSW ICAC rang in his ears.

“This gentleman, well, this person had access to so many people and the end result was nothing. He actually tried to get things done and he couldn’t get things done because of everybody in high office.

“Can I thank those public servants because that has instilled my confidence in the systems we have. Somebody who we trusted, imagine knowing someone for 15 years, someone who we trusted did the wrong thing by all of us but he didn’t get his way because all of us put our jobs first.”

Most of statement was her political spin, what stung was the opening on which he’d focussed

His final thought before he expired was :

“….this person had access to so many people and the end result was actually nothing. He actually tried to get things done and he couldn’t get things done…”

He’d been thrown under a bus.

See the source image

thehobartchinaman has been fascinated by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption [ICAC], Operation Keppel, https://www.icac.nsw.gov.au/investigations/current-investigations