Maccas WP Inspiration

Brekkie time down local maccas

Fluro tees replace wife bashers*

Maori lads reminisce war hakas

They’d prefer to see junk flashers.


High couture not seen at maccas,

In she struts on four inch heels.

Dressed to nines in brushed alpaca,

Shit, she gets a kiddies meal.


Look around at local maccas,

Folk are lounging on their dates.^

Instinctively, I think they’re slackers,

But it’s for their orders that they wait.


* Aussie term for blue working class singlet

^ slang for butt



Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

WordPress prompt [an enigmatic title]

Dear thc

I’m not one hundred, but you are,

Do you still drive a petrol car.

When younger, much hype and ballyhoo,

’bout pc issues I eschew.



Like what dunny is right for me.

Or taxonomy of trisexual fleas.

If daylight saving would make us calmer,

Whilst destroying dairy farmers

What happened to the pc prism,

And all those other whataboutisms.

Do they still worry from their grave

’bout the stuff on which now they rage.

Shopping Spree?

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

I stopped to ponder wordpress question,

Realising that it’s not for me.

No belongings that I need to freshen,

So why go on a shopping spree.

What’s In A Name-WP prompt

What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?



So here it is,

I write in english

For this quiz.


I’ll share it with y’all

ζ„Ÿ 謝

It’s what close folk call,

lil ol’ me.


Pa gave it to me,

When I was young,

I’m older now,

a foreign tongue πŸ‘…


Name words rendered, in English framed

Anglicised word just two initials.

D J C P is what I’m named,

Onomatopoeically fissile.


Can this jumbled name explain,

Some thc personality traits.

F’rinstance why is he sometimes a pain

Bearing burden of this weight.


Mix of Anglo and of Sino,

Kinda like tΓ—@&ps hated rinos.

His looks appear Chinese to thee,

Tho’ western intellectually.


I wonder, not as Wordsworth said,

Poetically father’s dead.

If he foreknew my cerebral struggle,

Namewrapping in protective bubble.


thc eschews a translation of Cantonese meaning of name in the interests of preserving remaining shreds of his dignity. This is NOT a trigger warning.

Pansy Promise

Pansies bloom, then they bloom,

Been so long, three months of noon.

I never thought this when them I bought

From Bunnings for one hundred baht.


No matter what abuse I fling,

The pansies get on and do their their thing.

Lesson for me, if I dare listen,

Life lessons which I might be missin’.

Bear Bile

Poor elephant chained to the ground,

Earthen dirt his flat feet pound.

Looks to me been there a while.

Bears are caged to milk their bile.

Pathetic lions stalk in their cages,

In the circus πŸŽͺ earn their wages.

Best time for ads to play on guilt

When shown at supper, donations built.

Recalls of First Kiss

Lotti Glanc was she the one,

Think again, it wasn’t her.

Sat in a bus upon my bum,

She glanced at me, but I demur.


Or was it Betty from Dandenong, so long ago I daren’t recall.

May have served her at Cheshire books, right downtown at Little Col mall.

Both caught Vic Rail πŸš† into the city,

Where our only date πŸ“… was pretty shitty.


But I remember how I felt,

For several weeks later, how she smelt.

Fool I am I didn’t phone,

Agonised all on my own.

Later on there was Kay,

Maybe I hoped to marry one day.

Her dad though was a racist shit,

My orientalism was not a hit.

Secretly we meet each other,

Before schizophrenia nabbed my brother.

Drifted apart, faced reality,

Her nurse career was oversea.

These recalls of first early kiss,

Is something which I rarely miss.

To think of past πŸ€” as an old man,

Formed some of me and who I am.