A People – Crikey Newsletter 13 March 2023

The lead paragraph from today’s newsletter :

In an exclusive three-part investigation, Tom Canetti reveals the extent of persecution against LGBTQIA+ people in China as survivors share stories of being kidnapped, beaten and abused in “militarised camps” with connections to the Chinese Communist Party.
Crikey 13 March 2023 Newsletter

I applaud Crikey for drawing my attention to the additional “A” people, whoever they are.

Readers are encouraged NOTto write in and inform me



Chittering dawn breaks crisply, chicks huddle in wet nests

Snow dusting on Mt Wellington, fierce winds blow from the west.

Autumn comes surreptitiously, a clear transparent sky,

Birds fluff wings excitedly, preparing them to fly.

Soupie Groupie

My word salat was quite a hit,

Some correspondents had a fit.

Suggested soups should now be added,

The list below has not been padded.


Cock-a-leekie, cabbage, binignit,

Sinabagwang gulay, Tteokguk,

Winter melon, Vichyssoise, avgolemono,

Tapado and Indonesian soto.


Waterzooi, Ukha, Sopas,

Sop sadura, cream of asparagus.

Caldillo de congrio, Cioppino,

Beef and Spanish tomato Gazpacho.


I could go on licking the bowl,

But wanna finish before I’m old.

Wikipedia provides partial list,

Yum, I’ll finish with a fish bisque.

Praise the Lord for WordPress on SmartPhone

On this calm morn writing hiatus,

Too many podcasts bout right wing haters

Distract me from meaning of life,

To focus on my dear wife.


Australia’s parliament goes into session,

Fuck, why do I feel creeping depression.

Elected reps all primped and vain,

While riding on the gravy train.


At least these thoughts caused me to think,

And rise from writing morass sink.

Thank God for WordPress on my phone,

Don’t need to write when I get home.

Vicarious Powerlessness

Commentary on video below

What feeds the popularity of such vids,*

Outbursts to sentences, abuse of kids.

The gavel brought down in final stage,

The criminal outbursts and fits of rage.


Just like survivor or big brother,

The audience revels in the pain of others.

Courts just like reality TV shows

Where beefy security absorbs wild blows.



The powerlessness of prisoner in the dock,

Sometimes in Correction’s orange smock.

It’s just another day in the court,

Dispensing justice to those it’s caught.


Ten, twenty years or thirty too,

A life without parole in view.

Imposing crazy sentence length,

Is what the system can dispense.


Private prisons, debate rages,

With profits made from folks in cages.

If money is made from misery,

Proliferation no mystery.


For those who are not aficionados the action gets going about the 18 minute mark



Fried Food Failure

Pong of fried food seeps into car,

Eat too much, end up in ER.

So lordy why on earth do that,

Intellectually, you’re not a prat.


The hungies strike when driving ‘long,

On trash AM, no sing- a- long songs.

What is the pull of TakeAway,

Waste hard earned cash till next payday.


At home the choices are really bleak,

Maybe a sandwich with last night’s meat

Compared to fried food, it barely rates

At least at home there’s chocolate cake.


Gulp it down, lips juicy and greasy,

On radio, they mention Albanese^.

Oz 🇦🇺 PM attacks super tax rorts,

Fucks the wealthy with new tax torts.


Apparently, this could be me,

With less than 3 mil, you get away free.

I’m glad 😊 that I’m na in that band

Who’ve allegedly ripped off this brown land.


I write this sat in Cambridge car park,

Time to go, and then I fart

Don’t care whose land on which it’s written,

Pong of fried food recalls piss of kittens 😸


Open windows wide, driving faster,

Avoiding aromatic disaster.

Get home 🏡 quick, as quick can be,

For soothing ciggie and cup 🥤 o’ tea.

^ Australia’s 31st prime minister

thc – post trigger warning for describing Australia as a brown land. Some might find the use of the colour term offensive. It’s used here to describe the colour of dried grasslands and cos it was a better rhyme in the doggerel.

It’s a Cats Life

I want to scare the cat away,

Sleeping so peacefully.

With tail curled up this summer day,

Why does it irritate me?


It’s fine to say she’s not a care,

Caring’s a human burden.

She eats and shits just anywhere,

Her life is very certain.


With bills to pay and family 👪 chores

We tolerate our life.

The cat could hardly want for more,

I’m happy with my wife.