Discussion – Is This a Blogging Burn Out? — My Midnight Musing

Below, in this reblog, midnightmusings writes on blogging burnout.

Got me thinking, again, why I write.

He poses no answers, just queries.

The blogosphere bubble in which I exist is English based, and in it I’m intrigued by US fascination with reviews of films and books, mostly relating to fictional or factionalized themes. Seems like living in a reality of fiction. 

So, I’ve tried to read blogs more widely than from the UK/US/AU. Limited by my restriction to those written in english, these overseas blogs have proven a source of totally different thinking for me. 

I’ve suffered the Haikuization of poetry, where the essence of simplicity is forced into 5-7-5 syllabication. Have you yet seen Japanese poets adopt the form of iambic pentameter to express their feeling for the falling cherry blossom?

Derek Mong writes interestingly on meter in poetry across languages in Iambic Pentameter Has Nothing to Do with Your Heart 

Frankly, I don’t ‘engage’ with the blogging community. What I write is, as somewhere mignightmusings says, for myself. Simply put, I think therefore I blog.

I care not if it flops, a problem which inhibits midnightmusings.

I do agree that whatever is  written should be something of which to be proud.

Such random interests and observations will last longer than celluloid or a Netflix subscription.

In the end,

To thine own self be true.

I like that.

Good evening friends. Now, in my 5 and a half years of blogging, I’ve seen a lot of changes within the community and the way people interact with blogs. I’ve also seen the shift turn to other platforms, and with all the discord about the treatment of book bloggers in the industry, which is a […]

Discussion – Is This a Blogging Burn Out? — My Midnight Musing

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