Perseverance and Encouragement

Too old to learn?

Then watch, just watch.

Struggling to lift his head, he wailed objecting. Those around distressed.

It seemed too much of an effort.

He saw no need. The fluffy mat cuddled his face, echoes muffling back his plaintive crying.

And so we learn, as tiny tots.

But what of us, we adults?

With adult encouragement and his personal practice, the neck strength to move on to other developmental goals was achieved.

I learned something.

Apparently next is rolling over



  1. Awww… and look how proud his mother is!
    Beautiful pic.
    Made my day!

    1. davidatqcm says:

      Thankyou Mr Ormsby, Elisa and Scott are doing magnificent job as Archie’s parents

  2. Nice theme well written.thank you for your support on my blog .God be with you

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