Wolf Warrior stirs Krazy Koala

Mr Potato Head, Aussie Defence Minister

Recently the Australian Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, otherwise known as Mr Potato Head, gave a speech at the National in Canberra Press Club in Canberra. He addressed the strategy of the Communist Party of China to wage Wolf Warrior Diplomacy.

Mr Dutton, together with strategic advisors and intelligence operatives have clearly had enough.

The wolf has been dining on boycotts of Aussie wine, beef, and barley whilst pushing limits with internationally declared illegal colonisation of islands in the sea bordered by many SE and Eastern Asian nations.

Generally wolves are by cunning little buggers.

See the source image
a not so cunning, nor smart wolf

The speech will spark confected outrage at this altered political stance on foreign policy by Australia.

Enough of chatting.

The Koala awakes, and he’s Krazy.

Image result for angry koala
An angry koala

We need liar Morrison gone. Methinks Dutton’s got the chops to make a foreign affairs prime minister. hehehe

Suspect this wouldn’t be the view in Peking.

My guess in Peking they prefer duck.

See the source image
Beautifully glazed Peking Duck



  1. when are the next elections? do you have any predictions, David?

    1. davidatqcm says:

      Tween March and May, parliament has risen, the faux campaigning has started. The Liberal/National Government was lucky that the Wuhan Virus gave an opportunity for a demonstration of national leadership which it frittered away to Stare Governments. Scandal racked it will make the economy’ a central issue, using the usual scare tactics against the Labor opposition,. Sluggardly on the environment it stands to lose metropolitanly, however the rural countryside, the Nationals power base wags a conservative tail. It’ll l be close but we can hope for change . For now I’d say it’s level pegging. Moreover increasing independents may hold the balance of power

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